Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, IL.  Evan started his journey in sports at a young age. Growing up in Chicago in the ’90s, Michael Jordan and the Bulls played a major impact on him and his brother's love and passion for basketball. Playing sports kept them away from the influences of gangs, drugs, and the violence that plague the neighborhoods they grew up in. In high school, Evan played basketball for Hirsch High School and then Chicago Vocational High school. He was known for his jumping ability and dunking on defenders. While in high school he was hit with multiple ACL injuries which required tons of physical therapy and rehabilitation. This eventually derailed his dreams of becoming a collegiate and professional basketball player. Going through the rehab process helped him find a passion for sports performance and injury prevention for athletes. He made it his mission to keep what happened to him from happening to others. 


After High School, he attended Eastern Illinois University where he attained his degrees in Exercise Science and Kinesiology. “I took the passion that I had for basketball and placed it towards a passion for strength and conditioning for athletes. I looked at the silver lining in my injuries and told myself those things happened for a bigger reason.”


Along with his Degrees, he has over 8 certifications, one of them being the CSCS*D with distinction. He currently has helped over 200 pro athletes and worked with some of the top companies in his field. “I’ve helped guys that we’re struggling and ready to give up on their dream and now they have more than they ever thought they would from playing basketball. Not only do I help my athletes physically, but I help to instill that never-quit mentality that helped me get through all of the trials and tribulations I had to face in my life and sports. I always use the quote my uncle used to tell me and my brother, I call it 90/10. 90 percent of what you go through in sports and in life is mental and only 10 percent Physical.